July 10, 2012
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What do you want from me?
Do you want me to kiss your feet?
Do you want me to play b****?
Should I be your puppet? Let you decide it all?
Should I keep it all in knowing that it hurts me so much I am about to break?
Should I even bother with life and let it be?
Let you control me since you know best
Should I do all of that?
Should I erase myself and become what you wish?
Should I?
Should I forget all I’ve worked for and lived for?
Leave it all behind like nothing
Leave it like you’ve left me no choice, no decision to make
Should I do it?
Should I?
Isn’t this what you wish, for me to be no one?
A mere mirage in the distance
It is what you treat me as
Should I do it?
Should I be no one so you can be in front?
Should I stop it all and let myself disappear?
Should I?
I don’t deserve this, none of it
I don’t deserve any of it
I will be silent from now on, I will let it go
I will slowly disappear leaving no trace
I will
You ask me again and again
I will

I will
I will


My eyes burn from the pain, the hurt
Looking at you I want to tear them out
I am so sick of it; sick of all of it
I want it all to end
I will be what you ask of me
I will be no on
I will disappear
I will lose it all
That is what you want right?
No opinions, no feelings, no mind to speak freely,
I will become an empty vessel for you to fill as you please
Fill me
Fill me up with lies and cheats and pain
Fill me up so I may break and never again
Never again

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