hurt by ashley carr

July 13, 2012
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Iam hurt the love of my life took my love for granted he broke my heart twice and we got back together I was stupid enough to take him back it was like I didn’t learn my lesson the first two times so I took him back anyway but later on in the relationship I found out that he never loved me the love of my life was just using me and I was too much in love to see that but what really hurt me the most was when I had to break up with him it really hurt me a lot when I had to look my boyfriend in the eye and tell him I was breaking up with him I felt so sad, angry and hurt because my boyfriend betrayed me and he didn’t feel any guilt that he betrayed me I guess I was just a fool in love I feel so stupid now that Iam confessing that my ex-boyfriend never loved me at all I just want to know why did he betray me like that and then leave me without a good-bye or at least he could have told me why he used me I guess I will never know the real reason but I will never forgive him for all the suffering he has put me through I learned my lesson never trust your ex-boyfriend cause if you do then you are bounded to get hurt in the process.

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