I feel i see i hear

July 10, 2012
By MaryahM SILVER, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
MaryahM SILVER, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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I have the chance to
And feel

I feel the pain, Of so many
Hearts bleeding out
I hear the cries, For help
But there is nothing I can do
I see the disrespect, Of bystanders
The hated that’s upon all
I live in fear
Fighting to fix it all
There is nothing
I can do
I cry for so many
They still shake in fear
I hurt for all
They still don’t care

This world isn’t right
No one takes a look
The pain that’s all around
But yet you still seem to hate
You hate the way people talk
The way they look
The color of their skin
The family they come from
What happened in the past?
The thing is you have no reason
Every one’s bee hurt in life
Left alone
Hurting inside
It life
You have to be strong
Live through it
And maybe
Just maybe
You will have peace
I hate to see the homeless
All alone
The blind
With no one
To help them see
The weak
With no one
To make them strong
The hurt
With no one
To love

In a way we are all alone
We all need some one
Yes we are all different
But that should bring us together
Not tear us apart
It’s up to each and every one of us
We have to make things right
Don’t dwell on the past
Think of the feature
So we can all be happy

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