The Lost Ones

July 9, 2012
By AliceAce BRONZE, Athens, Georgia
AliceAce BRONZE, Athens, Georgia
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When you go home, tell them of us. Tell them we gave them all of their tomorrows for all of our todays. -Anonymous

We are the lost ones
The forgotten ones
The forsaken, the forlorn
We have seen the true face of man

We know the nature of the beast
We have forgotten ourselves
We have no love left
For ourselves or others

We have only each other
We are the children the world has abandoned
Harmless, just poor lost souls
We exist on the fringes

We live in the dark
To hide our faces
From the judging stares
We are feared, but we do not wish it

We are the original fear
We have always been
We are the reason
Men fear the dark

They don’t want to meet us
As we cry alone in the dark
They don’t want to see us
They pretend we don’t exist

We reach endlessly
Our hands grasping
For the light
For the light

Those who live in the light
Cannot see into the depths of shadow
But even from the darkest shadow
We can see the light

The author's comments:
I don't know what inspired this one.

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