Painful Yet Necessary Steps

July 10, 2012
By Michael.West.III PLATINUM, APO, New York
Michael.West.III PLATINUM, APO, New York
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Favorite Quote:
I would rather to never have felt love, than to feel so loved one
minute and in the blink of an eye it all be gone, left with nothing
more than this broken heart I have now. - Anonymous

To take the break, to back away,
wiping your hands clean from all that has pained you;
no easy task, no simple challenge,
but what it will do, will be to set you free.

No bonds, no relationships,
just the words and the rhymes;
remaining as pure as the sheet in front of you;
no blemish, no tear, no stain from unwanted ink.

This is not easy, for anyone,
but for every one's safety, it must be done.
Step back into the shade, away from unwanted light,
leave me with my candle and quill,
to write on into the night.

Your pain will cease and your tears dry up,
time will heal all wounds, no matter how deep.
Walk back into the light, to shine in your own glory,
you'll make the right step, on and on;
living your own legend,
own destiny,
own fate,
own story.

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on Jul. 20 2012 at 10:06 pm
iCheeto PLATINUM, Cape Coral, Florida
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I thought this was a great piece.  It flows nicely and sticks to one topic without being boring or droning on, and it makes you think while you're reading it.  It's like a guide to writing and a guide to life sort of, and I absolutely love the title.

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