No Day like Today for the Truth

July 10, 2012
The plain simple truth has been revealed today.
I have been waiting.
the denial of the truth has been killing me in the inside.

I knew of nothing else to do...
but reveal the truth.
And at that moment of truth, a weight was lifted and the world was joyous once more.

At least for awhile.
The truth...does hurt,
but a lie is worse.
Yet no matter, the truth is always right, always good, and always the way.
How do you find the way of truth?

You don't.
It comes to you.
You just have to Look.

And when you Look,
and find no Big truth,
examine the Small truth,
it will build the whole foundation,
just so long as you Look and not be fooled by the Lying serpent that so desperately attempts to lead you astray.
So Look and You Will See.
Reveal The Truth!

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