Thousand Letters

July 10, 2012
By Samantha Seto BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
Samantha Seto BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
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I. Day My Father Left
Rain downpoured onto sidewalk,
Plink, Plunk, Plank.
against the windowpane of my bedroom.

The pain swelled in my eyes, pure hatred.
Last time I’d ever see him,
his voice screaming at mother,
lessons about the mad world we live in.

II. Childhood Memory
First day in kindergarten, he carried me in,
his love for the piano, dreams that I’d play it,
’63 Beatles blasting on the radio in the car.
Lucy in the sky with diamonds!
The day he took me to the psychologist.

His black umbrella disappeared into dark smudges,
strong urge to race after him, like a clingy five-year-old,
But I stood my ground instead.

III. Worst Days of Life
Out of night that covered me,
I was consumed in darkness.

Looms of horror in the shade,
drugged obsessed sickened heart,
schizophrenic good-for-nothing.

My bloody head, beyond wrath of tears,
falling with the clutch of guidance.
I am the master of my fate.

The author's comments:
I have been published in various anthologies including Ceremony (The Sheltered Poet), Soul Fountain, and Black Magnolias Journal. Since my parents don't come from a naturally artistic background, the way I come to writing is a new path on the road less travelled. As an independent thinker, I love nature, dancing, and traveling the world.

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