The Poem of Our Lives

July 10, 2012
Write it, and they will come; the poem of our lives.
Take up your pen and paper, lay down your words and rhymes,
put down what we all think and feel, help us to remember how we used to live,
not in fantasy or fiction, but in reality or real time.

Write it for the young and old, the strong and the weak;
write it for those far from you, and for those close at heart.
The poem of our lives breathes and lives within you;
born down from our ancestors to our young.

The poem of our lives, will take a lifetime to write,
let yourself not be dismayed or hard at heart;
your past has been the past of others,
lived through their and your eyes.

Write the poem, and you will realize,
that what was meant to be,
will always continue till the end of your lineage's lives,
regardless of what you or other's try.

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