July 10, 2012
By Anonymous

Swallowing her aching pride with every step she takes
Trying to forget, although her lonely heart it breaks
Her everlasting hatred for the man who left a void
In her world, forever shifting, unprepared to be destroyed
Her eyes, once glistening jewels turned to a bleak mistrusting stare
Their depths expose the scars left by a man who did not care.

Remembering the pain, the fearsome look within his eyes
The man she thought she loved became the monster she despised
Her worthlessness confirmed with every single blow he dealt
The hurt within her heart was numb, the physical she felt
A horrifying calamity, some days she wished to die
The violent mental thoughts left by a man who made her cry

Haunted by his judgments, heartless words rang in her ears
Whilst her soul was crushed she never let him see her tears
A sordid satisfaction from the misery he saw
From the woman who adored him as he broke her to the core
But then it reached a point where though her self-belief was wrecked
The words that once were daggers suddenly had no effect

No longer did his voice destroy the stillness in her mind
Her time was not yet over; she could leave it all behind
A woman who had suffered for so long, without a voice
Decided for herself she had the right to make a choice
The bruises that imprinted, purple wounds left on her skin
She’d escape the hell he’d made her, filled with violence and sin

Her eyes cold windows to her heart, devoid of such emotion
A stranger to a reckless love of honest plain devotion
Her body bears the evidence, her mind is crystal clear
Forget about the hatred and keep close what you hold dear
While repulsion made her weary, she stood still and bit her tongue
No longer wept for what once was, the man who made her strong

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