The Fire Within Me

June 8, 2012
By blackknight SILVER, West Babylon, New York
blackknight SILVER, West Babylon, New York
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The fire started.
And from the looks of it,
It wasn't going away anytime soon.
Like trying to remove a permanent mark from a wall with soap,
All of it just seemed useless to me.
So instead, I fed the fire.
Feeding it with thoughts of anger and bitterness.
And while I laid there,
With blood seeping out of the cut in my back,
I felt compelled to withdraw the knife from the cut,
And turn it back upon the one who caused this.
Struggling, like a sad child in a park with his balloon just out of his reach,
Happiness had too flew away from me,
And the friendship I had has now left me running to keep it kept;
While fatigue creep on me like a vine.
And the warmth of the fire, full of anger and hatred,
Was so welcoming at that very moment,
Even though it was slowly burning away my heart, and the rest of me.
Just another mouse lured in and trapped,
Then thrown away exploited like nothing.
All that was left of me to do was lay there,
And it was dark,
But I wasn't alone.
With evil demons flying all around,
Dancing with happiness over what had seemed a victory to them.
I had let my eyes be fooled,
And they had became tainted with darkness,
Controlled by this burning fire within,
Not a fire of passion,
One much more sinister than that.
From there I decided to change that fire.
I wanted to be stronger,
Instead of being mocked by a prideful evil.
Shaking, as I reached out my hand into the dark,
Seeking for any last hope.
And they grabbed my hand,
Which that too was warm and welcoming.
I got up and could smile again.
And so I dusted myself off,
And extinguished the fire within me.

The author's comments:
For my creative writing class I had to write a poem about a problem and an outcome. With some thought the poem eventually turned into what it is now. It's a simple theme of betrayal, just expressed as an internal fire, giving it its unique twist.

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