No Perfect Me

July 9, 2012
By CiciFarr BRONZE, Longmeadow, Massachusetts
CiciFarr BRONZE, Longmeadow, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
"I have found that the saddest people are also the funniest. And only those who understand complexity can communicate simplicity."

I have a question

Why is it worth it?

To live a life that has to be so damn perfect?

Are we worth it?

Can we make it?

Out of this f----d up dream

Can’t you see, this is only just me

Being perfect

But let me tell you why you think it’s so perfect

To be me living in this dream

I believe that the meaning of life is unseen

Or maybe no one really wants to know the feelings

Cause I believe that this seems unreal

Unimaginable, you see?

But you don’t see

Because you’re to afraid to be seen

By the people that are just simply walking down the street

But you and she need to listen

I know this life isn’t all it seems

But trust me

It’s not easy being me

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