July 2, 2012
By Anonymous

I hate poetry
When I was a child
I was never able to stand it
Whether it was Silverstein, Seuss or Dickinson
Whenever I have to work on it in school
I cringe like a tortoise retracting into its shell

There are no rules in poetry
Whether you are writing a haiku, limerick, or free verse
You can use “poetic license” to do whatever you want
With poetic license you could make is rhyme with fish
That’s not very good literature ish it?
Some people say the lack of rules makes them feel free
It makes me feel naked
Poetry is a building with no supports
That should come tumbling down to the ground
But it doesn’t

You could write a poem about anything at all
And people would laud you for being an intellectual
Or an artist, or a romantic, or a bard
You could write a poem about hating poems
You would still be congratulated for you use of comedic irony
Even if you only wrote it for a grade

Poems are worthless
There are not required to have a plot
They are not required to do anything
They just exist, and hopeless romantics get lost in them
Trying to escape from the life they should be living

The author's comments:
As the poem suggests, I wrote this for school. I apoligize for its lack of quality.

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