Logic is Right

July 2, 2012
By PurpleMelody GOLD, Tulsa, Oklahoma
PurpleMelody GOLD, Tulsa, Oklahoma
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I am lost within myself
The part that is lost gasps for air to breathe
It wishes it could scream for help
Sadly it will surely die out
One day it will no longer gasp for air
nor wish upon something
to want something is not logical
as needing something is
So is wanting someone logical?
Is there a way to get a logical answer
Am I logical
Or just another brain molded to believe and trust the worlds kingdoms
That is the right question
If that is the right question
then what is the answer
Now that's the wrong question
If you say such a thing are you logical
or delusional
That is the right question
but there is no answer
Yourself must decipher the logical answer

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