The Never New

July 2, 2012
By Anonymous

My soul reaches out to you my love,
You are to me an angel sent from above,
You are the true heart that I never really knew,
You are the sweetness in the morning dew,
You are the lost love, the never knew.

I dreamed of you last night again,
I yearn for you my lover, my dear friend.
I struggle to see past our lives together
You are the lost love, now and forever

I said good morning to thee,
As you said good night to me.
Why did you leave,
Where did you go?
Oh my lost love, will I never know?

Will I never comprehend the justification of your end?
The loss of you ensures this broken heart of mine will never mend,
Oh my lost love, my soul to you I send.

The author's comments:
This happens to be about my experience in relationships in general whether it is friend,lover,or family. I seem to only allow people to get so close, and if they break that barrier I self-sabotage any connection we may have had out of fear and being overly comfortable with isolation. Then the frustration I have with myself for forcing yet another person who cared for me away.

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