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Stepping Stones to Love

July 1, 2012
By simplyme13 BRONZE, Medina, Ohio
simplyme13 BRONZE, Medina, Ohio
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That glance from across the room that takes your heart on a flight,
that moment when your eyes meet.. your very first sight.
My stomach is overwhelmed by butterflies galore,
I can tell he is the guy I've dreamed of and more.
Will he talk to me after class? This I don't know,
all I know is that right now my heart is saying whoa.

Friendship is always a good place to start,
it allows you to get to know somebodies heart.
So we text and talk, both flirtatious as can be,
I'm starting to get the feeling that he really likes me.
We become best friends and time flies by.
We're an inseparable pair, so much that it hurts to say goodbye.

The most awkward stage for the boy is when they try to ask you out.
They wonder if the girl will say yes; their heads are filled with doubt.
But when he asks me with a dozen roses I say yes,
I've liked him for so long, I do confess.
Everyone is talking, but we're just taking it slow.
We're just waiting for the feelings we have to take their time and grow.

It's still awkward until you have your first kiss.
You just wait everyday wondering when you're going to be done with this.
He hugs you and leans down, closer to the floor.
You get on your tiptoes and steal a kiss, and you aren't nervous anymore.
Bystanders clap and cheer as you both turn red in the face,
and you feel as if your heart is on a high speed chase.

Next comes the time when you like them more than before.
You are sad when you see them walking out your door.
You want them to hold you and kiss you on the forehead like you're a precious treasure,
for you they would go to any measure.
You can talk on the phone for hours about nothing but a thing or two,
this is when you know that they are falling for you.

Love is the final stage in your happy romance.
The one with that person who took your heart by chance.
When you're with them you feel as if all time is stopped,
and when they leave you wish you could rewind the clock.
They say their love for you won't stop ever.
When they say they love you, they mean it forever.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my creative writing class. I hope that people can identify with the different 'steps of love' I talk about in the poem.

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