Anatomy of a Broken Girl

July 1, 2012
By Anonymous

The parts of me you said were weak,
That would falter as time passed
And as the world saw me for what I was,
Yes those parts of me
Weaknesses as you called them;
Now define my strength

Those parts of me that you broke
With angry fists and drunken eyes,
That exposed my fears for all to see,
Yes those parts of me
Scars as you call them;
Now define my beauty

Those dreams of mine you crushed,
Picked them apart as you tore them down
Watching me fall apart with them
Yes those dreams,
Childish as you called them;
Now define my posterity

I have the anatomy of a broken girl.
But I will not be quick to fall to your feet,
I have grown with time and I know
That wherever I go I will have one thing,
Something you can never again take from me;
My happiness

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