a picture of love

July 9, 2012
Confused conversations swarm through my head.
Round 1:
A best friend’s older brother
Confusion, you know something is wrong
Hurt himself..seth
Anger. Thankfulness to the older brother.

A best friend
A question
An answer
A question
An explanation

A picture of love

A best friend’s older brother
Where are you I need you...
A panic.Knowledge that something wrong before he came.
He’s o.k. now...won’t talk...or eat...Seth
And then the ugly word

A best friend’s boyfriend
Yeah, but I don't know if I can do it... more and more tired everyday...
A demand
I just don't know if I can...
A reassurance
But there’s a 75% chance that I won't...
A conviction
I’m trying

A best friend
Honey eat something, killing yourself won't save him. Do it for me. Don’t leave me too...
a promise

picture of love

Round three

A best friend.
A question
An answer and a sob

I am here, I will always try to be

A best friend
Another best friend

a picture of love

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