Power Over Me

July 9, 2012
By Anonymous

I told you that I loved you
But I wish I never had
You told me that you loved me too
I wanted that so bad
Every lie you told me
And all the times we fought
You pretended you were sorry
And that was all I thought
We were good enough at best
Maybe Nothing in the least
For you all my love and trust
It never did quite cease
Even after we broke up
You still held my heart
I needed to get back up
I needed a new start
To this day I still hope
Maybe someday you'll release me
And loosen up this rope
Sometimes I believe
That you will forever have
Power over me
And all that we once had
Forever I am trapped inside
My heart a crippled rhyme
Forever this messed up love
Will complicate my life
And keep me wishing I never stayed
Or had seen through all your lies
So if you even loved me then
Just cut me with a knife
Give me power, let me win
Power on my life
The pain you so inflict on me
Will be easier to bare
If only you would just quickly
Release me from your stare

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