Grain of Sand

July 9, 2012
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I used to believe that the earth is just
a grain of sand

and some where there are giants bigger than god, scooping us up along with a thousand other sand-grain-worlds
One smooth motion
spilling us onto their legs to feel time pass, or pushing us into shapes that mean something like a sandcastle in that megaworld
or just feeling us under their bare toes
reshape us naturally with each slow solid step, and we
don't even know

It's an easy thing to believe, easier than god
because it's not about choices or fate or purpose or about us at all really

and it's nice to think that everything we can ever know might not be
Everything there is
and if you're sad and you Don't Know Your Purpose, that's ok, because maybe nothing is important, nothing is big, maybe the whole world is just
a grain of sand.

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