July 8, 2012
By white-wolf BRONZE, Alta Vista, Kansas
white-wolf BRONZE, Alta Vista, Kansas
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Oh how beautiful
And mighty you are
As your greatness
Overpowers me
In the center
Of the forest
You are full
Of brilliance
How your
Brightly colored leaves
Fill my heart
With the greatest content
Oh I do love
All the different shades of
And Topaz
You shadow over
And protects me
You are a proud
And honorable guardian
Your trunk is
So, so alive
And filled with energy
Like the spring
You feel rough
Against my back
When I sit up against you
Your dropped leaves
Crunch strongly
Beneath my feet
As I walk
Around you
Admiring your glory
Your amazing scent is
Sweeter than a rose
On a summers day
When your sap
Is made to maple syrup
The amazingness of it
Melts in my mouth
It is better than
Any taste sugar
Could make on its own
You are life itself
For without you
There is no oxygen
Without you
Wonder and mystery
Are no longer in existence
With you gone
My life is nothing

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