My Reality

June 30, 2012
Dangerously failing
So close to just quitting
Then you give me that smile
And everything’s all right
I think we can do this
Then my hopes are dashed
On the same damn rock
Like always, I’m the one who pays
The price and always I’m mocked
Love just leave me be
I don’t want any part of you
Or am I, a liar too?
You say you want to be with me
Well then, why am I so unhappy?
I feel like I’m breaking all the time
Look into my eyes and maybe you’ll find
The girl you thought I’d left behind
Is the one I see in the mirror all the time
Can’t you see the point of my rhyme?
See the pain that dulls my eyes
As my life drains away
The colors all go black
Then love shakes me into reality
And I realize that you are here
That you always will be here to
Catch me whenever I fall
So why don’t we just both take the leap?
Fall with me baby
Maybe I can be your reality too...

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