June 30, 2012
By JsorealB SILVER, Chandler, Arizona
JsorealB SILVER, Chandler, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
"Ducks live on the edge." - My dad
"I'm just going to play guitar instead." -My Dad (when asked to take a shower)

I’ll sleep.

Matching my unconsciousness’s vulnerability

I’ll exist as an open oyster




Awaiting the destructive hand

To defile it. Steal from it.

And then cast me aside,


Left to sink into the sand

Drowning in that grainy soup

I succumb, more willing than most

And I’ll wake.

Chipping away at the eggshell of slumber

I’ll emerge

Crowned with sequins,

Each reflecting its own star.

Together a plane of searing light

And I’ll embrace the Earth

Diving into the cool soil

Licking up its offerings

Seizing the planet

Lacing my roots across virgin oceans

I’ll grow to shade thee

Which hath martyred itself

To ensure mine own flourishing

Allow this infant

To swallow its mother.

Neither will prosper.

Singularity looms

Awaiting the inevitable cue.

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