A Fairy Tale World

June 30, 2012
By BFFOY SILVER, Reno, Nevada
BFFOY SILVER, Reno, Nevada
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Always thought to be something quite fake
With pixies, dragons, and human eating lakes.

Where heroic prince’s
Save helpless princesses.

Your ideal prince:
Short brown hair
Pearly white teeth
A White stallion
And shining armor.

You don’t care if he has a squeaky voice
Or absolutely no muscles at all.

You picture a castle
With columns so high
Secret passages to mystic rooms
And a garden so stunning.

The prince and his horse
Come riding to save thee
To kill the wretched stepmother
Who later turns into a serpent
And take you to his castle
Where you will be married
And live long and wealthy lives.

But what if you’re not the damsel in distress?
You might ask.

Well here’s the story:
Either you’re the prince
His father
Or the idiot who does the serpents bidding
Or…you’re not in the story.

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