cry for help

June 30, 2012
By butterfree BRONZE, Everett, Washington
butterfree BRONZE, Everett, Washington
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hey look at her
but dont see her pain
she pleads for the cure,
pleads for the rain.
she keeps her head down,
hidding her tears
nobody sees her frown
hidding all her fears.
her home is a nightmare,
her life a living hell,
nobody seems to care
or even wish her well.
she begs with her eyes
for someone to see
her whispers arent lies
"oh god, please not me"
she just wants someone to help,
before she gives up on life,
letting out big yelps,
always in constant strife.
they dont know that shes abused
or that her dad does drugs
never knowing shes missused
and has never had a hug.
that night was her last
and she couldnt say goodbye
she had broke just like glass
without fear in her eyes.
she died with the blade of a knife,
and the pain of a fist
not caring if she lost her life
he was just that pissed.
she didnt show up for school that day
and they automatically knew
they all layed down their heads to pray,
for the girl they never knew.

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