Cold War

June 30, 2012
By Anonymous

Soldiers crouching on the front lines. Brows sweating, fingers clenched, guts squirming, minds tense. But not you. Fingers resting, breath steady. Thoughts whispering, "I chose this."
You chose this.

Hair swaying, mind dreaming, tears leaking. They leak for you. Fingertips yearning for you. Wrists stopped bleeding, weak scars healing. Thoughts whispering, "I caused this."
I caused this.

Guns lingered, minds ready set. Gun powder breath. PTSD waiting patiently. Just keep moving. Bullets shot, men fall, nightmares mixed in reality, men are bleeding, pleading, "Save me!" they cry.

Thoughts keep tumbling, I'm crumbling, body yearning, mind is turning, heart is hurting. I feel like burning, burning this anxiety, this depression that's settling over me.
"Save me", I cry. "Will you die?" Burning within me, how is it that reality became the possibility of you dying in front of me?
Are you dying inside of me?
Are you dying because of me?

Rust and dust, blood dripping from your clutch. Unstable and disabled. Unable to continue the moment to repent. Drenched, coated with mud, dredge up the family legacy of military respect.

Cities running, buildings collapsing, smoke blazing. Adamant souls encaging the bitter remnants of lives and set ups of encampments. Land mines sprouting from in between daisies and morning glories. The morning glory long since diminished in the wake of the fog that trapped death and wrecked the sense of serenity and diplomacy. Women fleeing, children weeping, screams echoing across valleys and open seas. Determined acts and humans shot at, the blood staining the ruins of a used-to-be village. The truths we were never taught, and now it's your job to demolish the hope of harmony and abolish it.

But remember you chose this. From the moment you walked away from me, you chose this. You chose the young men meddling with the truth of the bombs that dropped and socked the earths hard packed dirt that burst and killed innocent civilians of a nation.

One nation obliterated.
One soldier corrupted.
One heart broken.
One mind stolen.

The author's comments:
This is a mix between 1st person point of view and 3rd person. I wrote from the perspective of both however, excluding the man's thoughts and instead putting his sights mixed into the girl's thoughts. I wrote this because a young man that I cared about told me he wanted to join the army, and it was in the midst of us going through some rough things. I haven't talked to him for a few years and I have no idea where he is, but I hope he'll come back someday. Please enjoy and comment.

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