June 8, 2012
By B.F.A.B BRONZE, Belmont, North Carolina
B.F.A.B BRONZE, Belmont, North Carolina
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Steve: Hate to tell you this buddy, but you have to wear clothes to work. There's a law or something.
Johnny: [his last lines] Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold
Ponyboy: Nature's first green is gold, / Her hardest hue to hold. / Her early leaf's a flower, / But only so an hour. / Then leaf subsides to leaf, / So Eden sank to grief. / So dawn goes down to day, / Nothing gold can stay.

Horses running through the night
Pounding dirt with all thier might
Swiftly moving 'round the bend
racing, racing who will win/
Flying through the air
Flying,, flying down the lane
we have a victory at last!
Here the snorting cease
running swiftly through the night.

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on Jul. 26 2012 at 11:08 am
caitiekate GOLD, Hopkinton, New Hampshire
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"Do what you want, not what you can." --Me

that was such a cute little poem! i loved the rhyme scheme too...i have horses so i can really relate and picture them....just double check punc. and would really make it better...but i like the length, it goes well with the poem!! good job (:

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