I Asked God

June 8, 2012
By Anonymous

I asked God for beauty
And he told me
Sometimes the devil likes to mess with me
And show a face so ugly
But he's wrong, and you had it all along.

Then I asked for happiness
He said, I gave you all I could
You got yourself in this mess
It's time to learn to dance to the toneless music
I shone the light on the right path 
You just have to chose it.

When I felt his words slipping away
I asked for a purpose
He then told me to fix the broken
And speak the words I spoken. 

But when the devil caught up to me
I asked God to leave me
I'm not that important
His words were so clear
When he said
Stop, that's not you talking, it's fear

When you asked for beauty
I just cleaned your mirror, so you could see clearly
When you asked for happiness 
I sent my angels to open that door
And about your purpose, one day it would show
But this time.. I just can't let you go.   

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