June 8, 2012
By AugustSunshine SILVER, Morristown, New Jersey
AugustSunshine SILVER, Morristown, New Jersey
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Normality is just a term that people use to make themselves feel sane. Nobody's sane. Everybody's got issues. Everybody's weird on some way. Don't ignore it. Embrace it.

Innocence is painted across your face,

dimpled and bright eyed,

so oblivious to the rest of the world

But nothing lasts forever because days turn to weeks

weeks to months,

months to years and suddenly

you’re not so little anymore

Suddenly, the monsters under your bed

are actually your best friends in disguise

and Prince charming has tendency to

chase all of the girls other than you

Suddenly daddy can’t rock you anymore,

and mommy’s too tired to sing you to sleep

Nothing is made up of simple black and white lies,

like best friends forever and that life always
ends in happily ever after

You’re trying to hold on to the simple things
that always end up flying away

and you keep on wishing for the sky to be blue instead of gray,

or that you just had one right thing to say

Darling, keep your chin up and don’t turn back,

‘cause they don’t know you like that

and I know life’s been upside down lately

because you’re starting to realize that
sometimes fairy tales may not always come true

But stop and take a breath,

count to ten just like mommy taught you,

and understand that things will get better

Even if you can’t stay innocent forever

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