Mighty Almighty

June 8, 2012
By lucasty95 BRONZE, WILMINGTON, Delaware
lucasty95 BRONZE, WILMINGTON, Delaware
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Found myself in bed early the other night
Someone close to me said, "Shut up and just sleep tight"
Secretly I smiled and hoped that their hypocrisy in the morning would feel alright

But when I woke up in the morning
The moon in the sky was still shining
Their ashes on the ground I stood spelled "sin"
I knew all along I should've gone with my intuition

This cause and effect is a dangerous off road course
Where he is the rider and I'm one thirsty horse
And I'm kicking my feet into the mud looking for his hidden sense of remorse

I'm even thinking about talking to him again
Something from which I ought to abstain
We've long been estranged and I'm all too nervous
That our childhood relations will yet again resurface

But I've been smoking oh so much
Only trying to get in touch
With the heavy things we left in their buried graves and such

Sleep is now hard to keep
Because words keep tucking me in deep
Silently ringing I hear, "Shut up and sleep tight"
For once I'll abide and call it a night.

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