Among the Many

June 8, 2012
Do you ever wonder, what you were destined to achieve,
That your life is leld to it whether or not you believe,
Have you comet o realize that you know amost naught,
How much have you gained for all that you've fought,
can you comprehend exactly how you effect someone,
Do you understand what all you have so far done,
Your actions affect everything in every possible way,
Take that to heart, become better and lost in It's sway,
Bring yourself into existance shine yourself bright,
Light the path for those lost to the night,
Aty strong, do not waver, help the lsot souls,
Save them from he3ll, and many unseen holes,
Give them purpose, and give them reason,
Hekp them throught hell, season to season,
Why leave someone in the very depths of hell,
Would you like to be there trapped in it's spell,
Do you know what It's like, day after day,
If you do then you'll help anyone find thier way,
Don't let yourself be caught in It's power,
As long as you are, you grow weaker by the hour,
please listen to what I'm telling you,
And trust me I know all of this is true,
I myself an lost, with only one to save me,
But she's never to return, I will never be free,
I can only send teh message, I can't help any,
Because I am among the lost, among the many.

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