Kids Just Being Kids

June 8, 2012
By amazed BRONZE, Smyrna, Georgia
amazed BRONZE, Smyrna, Georgia
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"How we survive is what makes us who we are." ~ Rise Against, "Survive" (from "The Sufferer & The Witness")

A self esteem now whittles away
Each word is a landmark in decay
When lifeless minds are blown to pieces,
We soothe the pain with a line that eases:
Cruelty excused
For the kids just being kids

The hallway serves as an unsafe land
For the verbal abuse, for the physical hand,
For the perfect storm that brews in the halls,
For the bullet bleeding on the closet walls
Cruelty excused
For the kids just being kids

The angel on their shoulder
Meets the devil in their tongue
Could we solve by growing older,
Or let waste away while young?
The problem is not maturity
Viciousness taints the youth's purity

The victims won't wait for things to improve
But don't be alarmed, as suicide will soothe
The victims make the final move
To exterminate and remove
A meaningful life
As the bullies twist a verbal knife

The body hanging in the rafter
Might halt the taunts and endless laughter
But a moment too late
For the kids just being kids

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this after reading an autobiography by Jodee Blanco about being bullied viciously and relentlessly, and when she went to a high school reunion and faced her bullies two decades after graduating, they dismissed their cruel actions, like dragging her to a parking lot to beat her up and chanting that they're going to kill her, and writing obscenities in her yearbook, and calling her horrible names, as being from "kids just being kids." That dismissal DISTURBS me because of the teenagers committing or contemplating suicide because of bullying; is it still a kid just being a kid then, or is it a larger problem that needs to be ADDRESSED?

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