if you can't understand my silence, you will not understand my words.

June 8, 2012
surrounded by still-life in a dingy dilapidated shape
analyzing, second-guessing, and over-thinking every word you've said
faith and compromise stand close but so far away.

I'm building up courage, I'm gaining speed
I'm tripping, I'm slipping, I'm breathing, I'm okay.
I'm happy, I'm senseless, I'm lost but in the lead.

my spine remembers the cold touch of your hand-your hope
the bumpy goose-covered trail from my neck to my chest
would your mind still be in my grasp, is it you, is it the dope?

are you aching for the heat on your neck-your heart
was he sprawled out motionless, worried sick on the floor
while you put my innocence in your pocket and showed me where to start.

i could feel the way you felt when my hands wandered to you
excited, embracing, nervous, ashamed
I'm screaming out your name, you can't hear me, what can i do

running, breathing, living, dealing
you're taking me for dinner, I'm falling to the floor
you're picking me up, I'm waking up, I'm shaking the feeling.
imperfect, chaotic, clumsy, and sure

I'm craving your touch on my hips and the look in your eyes
you're words are seducing me, and taking me by surprise.

lift me up, take me away.
put me down, let me stay

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