Define poetry (For You)

June 8, 2012
If poetry is motion then continue to talk. The way your voice sounds I wouldn't want you to stop. You are the walking definition?, the decision to write this based on you and what poetry is, every word will describe what you do or did. So please listen...

To take a moment to smile with you isn't hard. Maybe it's something sweet in the bitterness?. A loss of selfishnes?s as I hear your voice and remember your word, the way you smile or the way the earth, seems to slow for a split second as if God knows it's you I mention. And to think that's just the beginning. The feeling of a roof with no ceiling, stealing my heart stored away in a safe. That easy, straight, forward towards what really matters, you being the only factor. Yeah, that's it. Something like that or something very close. For those who can understand or for those who already know. See the way you are is the inspiratio?n of the art, each word in a flowing part, a perfect verbal copy. But even the most perfect words couldn't match you, no matter how many rewrites I put this thing through. True in every sense of these words, you deserve the best, being different from the rest to impress you simply just be yourself. And that's enough, to go past the cliche to be honest with what is, you don't run through my mind you kind of walk, as you turn around to smile I can barely talk, say hi or even more then a hey, honestly, you are the best part of my day. And if that's not poetry then I really don't know what is. Poetry to me has the softest voice that on my worst day could make me smile, a mile wide thing that wouldn't usually be my style. Poetry split up and put together in any way is just her in her many ways. All which are amazing. And poetry could warm up the heart on the coldest day by all means, even when it rains, she still is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. So take that in mind, if you haven't figured it out, poetry isn't just writing it's something you have feelings about.

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