Swinging Chance

June 8, 2012
Hanging by rusty chains,
Hoping, waiting, wishing
For attention, someone to share the pain
Arms wide open, ready to swing
Hopes were lost as it started to rain

Days passed, each the same as the last
Neglected time after time
The seasons came and went so fast
One morning a blue bird sang a different rhyme,
And sent everything back to the past

The family hurried outside into the fresh spring air,
Leaving distractions behind
To gather around the swinging chair
They were amazed at the joy they could find,
In the breeze blowing through their hair

A singing bird caused a miracle that morning
Without that signal, the forgotten chair could have been taken down
All piled on the beloved swing,
The family thanked the bird for being around
And they all began to sing

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