Beautiful Insanity

July 3, 2012
I'm not crazy.
Can't you hear them?
They are screaming.
Calling me back to them.
Can't you see them?
They are grabbing me.
Dragging me back to them.
They need me,
I need them,
We together feed off one another.
I'm not crazy.
Can't you feel them?
They are standing behind you.
Willing me back to them.
Can't you find them?
They are hiding.
Refusing to let me go.
They are me,
I am them,
We together are one,
In this beautiful insanity.
I am crazy.
They aren't real.
Just my imagination.
Tearing me apart.
I am crazy.
This isn't a dream,
This is my life.
Slowly drowning me,
In this beautiful insanity.
They whisper to me
In my sleep.
Wake me from
This living nightmare.
Help me.
Save me from the voices.
Save me from my,
Beautiful insanities.

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SmokyRose said...
Sept. 7, 2012 at 9:25 pm
There's a lot of power in this that really evokes so much emotion! I just love it!
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