Lost in the Smoking Trees

July 3, 2012
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Bittersweet smoke creates a wreath of poison around my head like a halo,
Crystals of sugar that sting like a bee drip into my mouth slow,
My eyes flutter shut to block out what sits in front of me,
Sounds of travesty amplify when the smoke thickens carelessly,
Swelling, burning, tightness in the circumference of my throat,
I try to swallow down my fear while I try not to fall off the boat,
Even if I opened my mouth to scream there would be no sound,
Even if I jumped as high as I could my feet would stay glued to the ground,
Visions of freshly cut grass and soft sunsets flicker behind my closed eyes,
Sweet thoughts taken over by destruction and little white lies,
No one even realizes I'm suffocating in the dark of the night,
No one even realizes I'm sitting before them as they set up another light,
Blazing trees only leaves enough forest for those like me to hide,
My toes curl, my fingers clasp together as I wait for the lunar tide,
Wind causes the once strong flame to kneel before the new King,
Ravens fly about the air with a song only they can sing,
The smoke that once kept me captive has long faded to a light breeze,
My toes uncurl, my hands loosen their grip, dropping to my knees,
My eyes open to the darkness that now surrounds where I sit on a log,
The cold rush of my breath creates a calm fog,
I rise to my sore feet after what seems like years,
Nothing in sight but some trees that have been worn down by people's wears,
Just as I take my first step to safety a patch of light follows my lead,
I glance to my right where the sun decides to dance down, knowing, as always, exactly what I need.

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Teamsit said...
Jul. 10, 2012 at 4:32 pm
WOW!  Very inspiring. 
Summer said...
Jul. 10, 2012 at 10:32 am
Very insightful!  It's such a deep poem.  Keep writing!
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