July 3, 2012
By ChessPiece BRONZE, Ottawa, Ontario, Other
ChessPiece BRONZE, Ottawa, Ontario, Other
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Try and steal a leaf from a tree, when you fail, realize that it was never meant to be,
But my predicament is complicated, annoying even-ranging from failed cries to unrecognized stolen gazes,
I know better than to interpret it as hate, but you might not, to think of thoughts ranging from fate,
to failure, failure to escape the grasp of leaving things as it really is, to have truly forgotten, any escape other than cowardice,
Our eyes never connect for more than a mere second, clearly not enough to communicate raw passion uncontested,yet we both know what neither of us have ever said, which, in turn, through turmoil and anger-leads to me to this solitary path of confinement, abandoned, rejected by myself, unwilling to speak the obvious, afraid of news of renewed failure made scandalous,
But even I can hear the alarming screech of silence, through walls, despite the harsh cries asking for profound resilience,
Yeah, the crime of unspoken words you have every right to condone,
But I'll be honest;
 Even if my heart turns to stone, we'll never be apart and you will never be alone.

The author's comments:
I'm feeling blue today, and this is actually my first poem I've written outside of a class assignment, so, uh, I'm just as amazed as you are that it came out as well as it did.
I surprise myself sometimes...;)

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