Passive Aggress-Love

July 3, 2012
Passive Aggess-Love

Though the trees whistle and dance through the night, searching for warmth of summer in its autumn leaves, finding comfort of the snow that shares its same passion..
I can’t make you love me
As a stay kitten strays his 9 lives in search of a home, a mother, a owner, it continues to wonder by faith and not exploitation, Though I still can’t make you love me
With a passion and defeat fighting off my wanted success, continuing nonetheless though it sees the drive I breath within my chest, as I reminisce of all the extended mess, I stress
But why? It all won’t make you love me
They can’t make you love me
I can’t make you love me
Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Who would ever thought that such expressions would slip from my tongue, my lungs stops the passage of oxygen through me in realization that it’s all back to day one for me, not we, but I, must move, must fight to maintain the senses I once self improved
Whether I love you turns into I love me, I will uphold to my destiny in humanity why can’t it be every soul together instead of separately, but then it clicks to me, that it all exceeds, to the proven fact that I CAN’T, I WON’T, WILL NOT make you love me.

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