Dear Mommy and Daddy

July 2, 2012
By TheSilentMourner PLATINUM, Latham, Illinois
TheSilentMourner PLATINUM, Latham, Illinois
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"Never say goodbye because saying goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting"-Peter Pan

Every time I breathe,
You tell me its a sin.
I couldn't take it anymore,
I had to get out.
You didn't understand me
or my beliefs.
All you did was choke me
with your God.
So here I right you this;
The testimony of my faith.
I believe in my writing
And that music will heal the world.
I believe love is a lie
And death is the end.
Each word I write,
Is not repentance.
I will sin,
For my faith.
I believe communication cannot happen
And religion is not real.
I believe that zombies will rise against
And your God will not help.
Your God is nothing,
But your comforter.
Something to hold over me.
I am sick,
Of your self-righteousness.
So this is why I write.
With all my lying love,
Good riddance,
Your fallen angel.

The author's comments:
This is about parents who don't take the time to listen to our beliefs. Its about a girl that can't stand her parents shoving the Bible down her throat, so she runs away to be free with her beliefs, and this is the letter she leaves them.

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