Anserw to my travels

July 2, 2012
Could I just leave it all behind, just up and go?
Could I make it simply and leave to find, what I want to know?
Could I just go without, ever seeing the on to whom I love?
Could I run away and shout, when push had come to shove?

Can I see the light of day, assure I don't die in vain?
Can I just stay away, go back to "feel no pain"?
Can I bury my feelings inside, just up and leave you all behind?
Can I freeze this heat, take this anger and make help me find?

Will I ever love, In a world where I am to kill?
Will I find what I'm made of, in a place that makes me chill?
Will I perceive what life is, and learn what my Brian had hidden?
Will I die alone...Not if I have my love to show me how bright a light can shine.

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