Milestones and Failures (graduation poem)-T.S.A(True Social Awareness)

July 2, 2012
By brother-timo BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
brother-timo BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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Why fear failure?

We need failure to achieve our milestones,

So why fear failure?

A milestone opens up doors for hardships and failure,

Although what matter’s is whether you leave the doors open or closed.

So why fear failure?

No reason,

Considering a milestone is a stone marking the next mile,

Walk the “mile” and pass the “stone”

So why fear failure?

Do you remember those math tests that we failed?

Do you remember when your girl broke up with you the day before prom?

Do you remember that 1 hard AP test?

But look at us now,

We overcame our fear of failure,

So why fear failure?

You already know no other class in Heritage will rock it,

The way class of 2012 rocked it.

So why fear failure?

In sports we might have had major losses,

But look at us…we are major bosses.

So why fear failure?

Remember getting your driver's license?

Wasn’t that accomplishing a milestone?

What about getting your first job?

Wasn’t that a milestone?

Brother Harrison Bardwell, remember when you first moved here and no one believed in you?

Now everybody wants to kick it with you.

Sister Brittanie, remember how you overcame your parents’ divorce?

Sue-Ann remember not having a shelter over your head?

But you overcame the adversity, right?

Vega, how many times did you take your test to get your permit?

Six? But now you got that permit.

I, too, remember dreaming of coming to America.

They tried to shutter my dreams but I’m here with you.

These are the milestones that we’ve accomplished and obstacles

We’ve overcome through time.

So why fear failure?

Four years ago we imagined a milestone: Graduation

Today we can look in the rearview mirror,

And we can see the sweat, struggle, and deferred hopes,

And milestones accomplished,

And many more down the road.

So why fear failure?

We feared to fail and failed,

We lifted the veil and prevailed,

And we found success in one milestone,

After another.... after another.

So, my brothers and sisters.

Why fear failure?

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