Don't You Fret

July 2, 2012
By NoutrycMirmet BRONZE, Hamlin, New York
NoutrycMirmet BRONZE, Hamlin, New York
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Whispers in the dark
Shivers down my spine
For all hours of night
I lay awake and terrified
But I hear your voice
It all falls away
These painful memories
And every childish fear
Is erased completely
From my mind
At least for this moment
The words you always say
That oddly comfort me
"Don't you fret"
You are always there for me
Through everything
Big and small
Think about the little things
That put a smile on my face
Watch the moon shine
Through my window
And I know you are here
Somehow you are holding me
And singing me your lullaby
That helps me drift towards sleep
No longer do I fret

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