I Wish

July 2, 2012
By Janessa Hensrud BRONZE, Northwood, North Dakota
Janessa Hensrud BRONZE, Northwood, North Dakota
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I wish the world was a better place,
I wish women didn’t have to carry pepper spray and mace.
I wish that kids would act their age,
I wish killers could control their rage.
I wish God would simply give us a sign,
I wish there was no such thing as deaf or blind,
I wish people kept their thoughts in their head,
I wish everyone found that special someone to wed.
I wish that we could all get along,
I wish after a break up, we could all stay strong.
I wish everyone could be heard,
I wish we all would listen, to every single word.
I wish our self esteem would get better,
I wish every day, God would send us each a letter, that just said I love you.
I wish we were free to be who we want to be,
I wish that you would be you, and I would be me.
I wish no child had to feel lonely, walking through the school halls,
I wish nobody would put up defensive walls.
I wish everyone could love their job,
I wish no person had a reason to cry and sob.
I wish every time a girl had a broken heart, I could share with her my favorite song,
I wish we could all enjoy our life because let’s face it, it’s not that long.
I wish no child was afraid of the dark,
I wish we could all change the universe, even with just a little mark.
I wish teenage girls would keep the magazines closed,
I wish the models in them weren’t so perfect and posed.
I wish time would go slower so I can live a little,
I wish we all knew the answer to life’s confusing riddle.
I wish this list wasn’t so long,
I wish there wasn’t a thing as right or wrong.
I wish everyone thought they had a beautiful face,
I wish we all realized inside us we have humor, care, and grace.
I wish we wouldn’t judge,
I wish girls didn’t freak out over one little makeup smudge.
I wish there was no one to impress,
I wish Earth wasn’t such a mess.
I wish everyone made enough money to get by,
I wish to say something more uplifting, so I’ll say I wish for pie.
I wish drugs never existed,
I wish everything in this poem didn’t have to be listed.
I wish people couldn’t be so mean and vicious,
I really wish I didn’t have so many wishes.
I hope that each of you agree with me,
When I say that this world isn’t what it was meant to be.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem at International Music Camp (at the Creative Writing program) and read it to the parents when they came to pick up their children from camp at our reading. I wanted a piece that showed my priorities in life and who I am, and I felt that this piece did just that.

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