Recipe for Love

June 18, 2012
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Start with a dash of subtle


And a sprinkle of pure caring,

Add a pinch of sacrifice

And a hint of true courage.

Pour in an ounce of affection

And a spoonful of commitment.

Hopefulness and faith

Add in large amounts.

A drop of honesty

And a bit of compromise, too

Mix plenty of acceptance

That must not ever perish.

Several grams of patience,

Closeness in ounces, too.

Beat through remnants of boastfulness,

Jealousy and deceit.

Expel all prejudice,

And lumps of pride.

Combine ingredients in a bowl

Larger than the universe.

You’ll know when the dish

is completed well and done,

When it brightens the dark of

day, lightens

the heart of black.

Never let it cool, and

Serve with generosity

To everyone you know.

Share it with the world,

And never limit portions

Let them come for seconds,

And serving shall never falter,

For never is there enough.

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