Making Sense of a Broken Family

June 18, 2012
By , Fort Worth, TX
The way she feels just looking at them her husband and her child. It's amazing it's beautiful and there's nothing like it. The way the child looks at them, her mother and her father it's amazing, it's fascinating and there's nothing like it. The way the husband looks at them, the wife and his child. It's like he fell all over again, it's amazing. It's wonderful and there's nothing like it..

and you wonder why each of these are torn apart when a family is severed, when a divorce happens the child is wrecked. When the wife leaves, he can't figure it out. when the husband leaves she doesn't know what to do... and when the child runs away it kills them on the inside.

it's all because when they look at it all separately the way it started feels right. They can't function without the others. It isn't how it's meant to be.

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