What My First Love Taught Me

June 17, 2012
My skin flares up in pinpricks, a wave of goosebumps
I can taste the nostalgia
It's so real, I can almost reach out
Run my fingers underneath it
Like water from a faucet

I bury my face in the welcoming shelf of
Your neck and shoulder
I breathe you in
Our love is so thick, I am swimming through
My affection to reach you

I am aware of you
You're covering me
Like darkness does when it swells over daylight
My heart could not possibly love you any more
It flutters, a butterfly in the depth of my being

I can feel your crooked smile
So sweet that I am almost reduced to tears
Wisps of my hair are tangled around
Your fingers
You place the tuft behind my ear
The tickle of your fingers travels down my spine

My shoulders arch up, like a birds would
In flight
You catch me; cradle me for all I am worth
In the sweet sensation of promise
I am lost,
And I am never coming home

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