June 17, 2012
By shirleykiller PLATINUM, St Clements, Other
shirleykiller PLATINUM, St Clements, Other
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"Sometimes people put up walls, not to keep others out. but to see who cares enough to tear them down."

I reach for my necessity, absorbing what I can then eating more
Spreading conquering destroying
When I part I leave nothing but ashes
My food is life, I consume
Homes, trees, and flesh
I contaminate all that I touch
My by-product lifts into the air poisoning others breath
I radiate power

Anyone within any distance of me feels my heat
I am vibrant and glowing
I am a signal to those far away
A temple calling its pilgrim
I can be good or wicked depending on my purpose
I come to those in need of my shelter security and heat
For those that need me for their food
Yet often I am called as a weapon,
To destroy
But you need me
I am you only advantage over other beasts
For you are my chosen people
Only you hold my chains
Only you have the keys to my cage
You know how to use me when I don’t know myself
All I want is more and more
I am consumed by greed
I have no self control
And I die when there is no more for me
You know this
Because of this you regulate me for your benefit
You exploit me
If I am good or wicked can never be the question for I don’t control myself
You control me I have power but no will, to use it
Only my actions are good or vial and that depends on my master

The author's comments:
i got the idea to write this well sitting around a bon fire thinking about fire i hope you like it

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