Bahnhof Zoo

June 17, 2012
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H elpless in the night, while trains pass by. All stages of decay;
e mpty eyes not seeing anything, something. Strangers to life
l ike with wild creatures that have been kept in cage for too long -
p ain deeply set in their features, in the motion of the butterfly

that tries to unfold its wings.
U sed to be a place where idle feet chased away the silence, but now
s ouls are ripped apart till the rhythm of raindrops on concrete floor.
P ale lips, the teeth too prominent, yellow from the touch of nicotine -
l ion and lamp fighting each other, as equals. Both high on fear and heroin
e nslaved by a need too strong to control. Craving invincibility -
a sweeteater’s abstinences;
s olemly displaying the longing of a long lost love. A gentle touch;
e motions preserved in alcohol, the sharp edges grind off into peaceful vacuity

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