Just For Me, You Were There

June 16, 2012
By Cnewman97 BRONZE, Helena, Alabama
Cnewman97 BRONZE, Helena, Alabama
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Favorite Quote:
Never forget where you are from. That will help you to know where you want to go.

Told I was,to write a response about
anything. Not being required to
Be about my theme, my first thought was you
Anything I can write; this is for you

Just two years ago a trick was played. Pa
my grandma`s faithful loving husband wrote
a "n" at the end of Gma. Sly move
Pa,Sly move. Grandma now receives nickname-
Gman, a secret name no one else could
Understand. Something special for me and her

My first gift, a "pretty" from you, Gman
This was something you can only fathom
Why I called them that,"pretties" - necklaces
Only one year of age, but I knew nice
Things when I saw it, you gave me that eye
An eye to place close attention to things

Memories of you, I could list thousands
What`s important though, you raised me just right
A rock for mom, another parent for
Me, a parent for when my parents could
Not, a rock just for me, you helped guide me
A thank you never delivered, for you
Raised me from when i was wee until now

Last gift; a "pretty" more mature than the
First, a tearful birthday for you said I
Had grown from my bratty ways, proud she was
Because I was- a brat, arrogant and
Ignorant, but thank you, still i would be
Unless you hadn't been there for me

Now that you are gone, I will keep what you
Worked so hard to put in me, right from wrong
I will do my best, to be my best
In memory of you, beloved Gman

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