Night at The Lake

June 16, 2012
By pracid_poet BRONZE, Sugar Land, Texas
pracid_poet BRONZE, Sugar Land, Texas
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Dark mysterious I sit with you
Peers that relieve to me what’s true
Conversations, not with linear but insight
Deepens my mind within the night
Close my eyes, I hear the music of love
A creature I heard, a destined dove
Awakens my heart
And begins to rebel
Corrupts my thoughts
And begins to sell
Sells me the dream and the lie
That I can be anyone if I try
That I can conquer anything
That I can be,
But open them again
Alone with no friends
My dream is the dream
The dream they sold
But never returned
The dream they injected
Watching my eyes burn
The dream they corrupted
Taught but no one learned
That this dream is not here
For you and I are awake
Awake in the misery and the stress
Awake in the battlefield under the picket fence

The author's comments:
this was written about a the first time i hung out with two of my friends who played their music for me on a lake.

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